Croatian post - a desirable employer

Croatian Post has given its employees a high priority as one of the goals drafted in the Post2022 Strategy.

Building a successful career is a challenge for everyone. Here you can learn why Croatian Post makes a good workplace.

Three years in a row, in 2017, 2018 and 2019 Croatian Post was awarded the Partner Employer Certificate, which attests to its outstanding success in managing human resources. The quality management of human resources is part of the Pošta2022 Development Strategy, which centres on employees and basic postal values: trust, proactivity and excellence. Furthermore, Croatian Post is one of only five state-owned companies to hold that certificate. Currently a total of 48 companies hold the Partner Employer Certificate in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

In the current business environment and market, possessing the ability to adapt quickly is extremely important, which is why Croatian Post has made substantial investments in knowledge development by providing employees with all the necessary professional training.
Responsibility to users, as well as to our own employees, is an important feature of Croatian Post's business practice. The research on this topic shows and confirms that satisfied workers who know that their employer appreciates and values their work, dedication and achievements are also the best workers, the most reliable promoters and the best advertisement a company can get. Croatian Post recognizes and appreciates workers as its greatest asset and provides them with numerous benefits in addition to their regular incomes based on stable operations. Our employees' high-quality hard work has made Croatian Post a successful and well-respected company.

Below is a review of some of the benefits of working for Croatian Post we can offer you:

Number of days of paid time off greater than regulated by the law (for each case of death in the family, natural disasters etc.)   Paid time off to donate blood
Extra pay based on the number of years with the company    Extra pay for meals 
Extra pay for afternoon shifts    Extra pay for working on Saturdays 
Extra pay for night shifts    Extra pay for double shifts
Paid sick leave covered by the employer at the higher rate than  legally required    Participation in transportation costs 
Annual accident insurance (24-hour insurance)   Financial assistance for regular education of children in case of employee death and single parents 
Regular health check-ups once every two years paid be the employer    Possibility of professional training when introducing new services and for other work needs 
Development of IT knowledge    

Croatian Post – recipient of the Employer Partner Certificate
  • I wish to work at Croatian post
  • If you are a responsible and proactive person with a penchant for knowledge and eager to continually broaden your knowledge and skills and you strive toward excellence in the workplace and with to join the Croatian Post team, make the first step in that direction and send us your resume.
  • With knowledge to excellence
  • Keeping professional development continuous is one of the strategic goals included in the Croatian Post’s development strategy. Without knowledge, there is no business excellence.
  • Why I love Croatian post
  • Every one of us has reasons why they like their job. Some enjoy independence, others prefer teamwork, some of us enjoy working with people and others enjoy being constantly challenged. For some it is being on the road...