Addressing mail items

A clearly and legible written address of the recipient must be on the address side of each mail item. Letter mail (letter and postcard) and priority letter may be addressed to multiple recipients, provided that recipients must reside at the same address. Mail items for which the required acknowledgement  is issued can be addressed only to one recipient.
Address of the recipient must be placed on the right lower part of the address side and must be parallel to its longer side. Exceptionally, envelopes with a transparent part may have the address on the right or left lower part of the address side of the mail item. Through the transparent part may be seen only the recipient’s address. It is allowed to stick or affix written recipient's address on the right lower part of the address side, except on the insured mail item over 1.000,00 HRK. For consignments on which the address of the recipient cannot be written, an address label can be used. The address label must be made of sturdy cardboard or other suitable material, the smallest dimensions 90x140 mm.
f the mail item is titled to the recipient who is a tenant, the address must contain, besides the first and the last name of recipient, the first and the last name of the landlord (eg, Tomislav Kralj at Peter Josipovic).
The recipient’s address must be written in the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals. Overseas mail items can be addressed using the alphabet of the destination country, provided that names of destination and country are written in the Latin alphabet. For consignments in international postal traffic, Croatian Post Inc. may refuse acceptance of mail items which were not addressed in the above prescribed manner and method prescribed by the regulations of the Universal Postal Union.
The recipient's address data should be indicated one below the other in the following order:
1.     Title, name and  family name or official title of the receiver;
2.     Street, house number, entrance number, floor, apartment number, village, hamlet, settlement etc. or  P.O.Box with number, army postal service or the indication POSTE RESTANTE;
3.     Postal code and the name of town/city (as a rule in capital letters);
4.     Title or abbreviation of the state for international mail. It is advisable to write the ISO CODE OF THE STATE before the postal code  
5.     Since some states have some particular requirements concerning mail addressing, it is advisable to consult more detailed information on addressing for each state available on UPU (Universal Postal Union) website, before mailing.