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What does a data received through online track and trace system mean? – Clarification of mail status
 What does a data received through online track and trace system mean?  – Clarification of mail status
International outbound mail – data on mail item before it leaves its country of origin:
  • Receive item from customer (Otb) – item received for dispatching by postal administration of origin.
  • Insert item into bag (Otb) – item ready for dispatching abroad. As a rule this event is the date of mail dispatching; next event concerning mail item follows after scanning the item at postal administration of destination.  
International inbound mail – data about mail item after it reaches postal administration of destination:
  • Receive item at office of exchange (Inb) – mail item received at the international sorting centre of the postal administration of destination.
  • Send item to customs (Inb) – mail item forwarded to relevant customs office for customs clearing procedure.
  • Retention reason: Invoice missing (Inb) – reason for retention: no invoice accompanying mail item
  • Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner – waiting for customs procedure.
  • Return item from customs (Inb) – item returned from customs
  • Send item to domestic location (Inb) – item sent toward addressee.
  • Receive item at delivery office (Inb) – item received at delivery post office.
  • Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb) – unsuccessful attempt of delivery.
  • Deliver item (Inb) – item has been delivered.
Can mail items without reference number be seen in online track and trace system at the web page of Croatian Post?
 Status of items without reference number (e.g. greetings cards, postcards, letters, direct mail and printed matter) cannot be traced through online track and trace system since these mail items are not registered in the system. 
Who delivers international mail items abroad?
 Partners of Croatian Post in foreign countries are postal administrations which perform delivery. 
Can a mail item be sent abroad by charging postage to the recipient?
 It is not possible to send a mail item abroad in this way. Postage should be paid by the sender. 
A remuneration request has been submitted, but the user did not receive remuneration. When will it be paid?
 Remuneration for mail in international service is paid in two ways:
  • within 30 days from the day of the submission of the remuneration request (common way)
  • within 30 days from the date of the receipt of mail item returned because safety or customs requirements were not met. (shortened procedure).
What if my mail item has not been delivered or was delivered damaged?
 A claim to international service concerning lost or damaged mail items for which a confirmation of receipt is issued (international hpekspres, registered mail, mail with declared value, parcels), should be submitted together with relevant confirmation of receipt to initiate the claim procedure.

The claim procedure can be initiated in any post office free of charge, within 6 months counting from the firs next day after handover of the mail item.

The claim procedure in international service is solved in the shortest possible time and must be completed at the latest within two months counting from the day when it was initiated.

In accordance with the UPU Acts  the claim procedure cannot be initiated  for mail  items received without mail reference number  (so called regular mail items) since these mail items are not registered  in the system, are not delivered  to the addressee against  signature and cannot be tracked and traced individually in postal system. 
Can international mail be tracked and traced through online track and trace system at Croatian Post website?
 Yes, by using Online track and trace system  it is possible to see at the Croatian Post web site the status of international hpekspres – EMS mail (e.g. EA123456789HR), registered mail (e.g.. RA123456789HR), mail with declared value (e.g. VV123456789HR), parcels without declared value (e.g. CP123456789HR) and parcels with declared value (e.g. CV123456789HR).
The entire reference number of a mail item is entered in the relevant field  without spaces between letters or numbers, e.g. EE123456789HR.
If in our  track and trace online system there is no data on mail items after they have reached the country of destination, these data can be found at the web page of the postal administration of destination country  if the administration publishes  such data.  
Number of countries with whom full end-to-end online track and trace system is possible is constantly growing and the availability of the service per counties can be found in the International Service Guide , under „track&trace“.