This glossary of postal symbols gives a brief description and explanation of postal markings, labels and seals whish are found on letters, postal items and packages.

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A (LABEL) - this designation is found on a white label, next to the item’s receipt number, and stands for an item with confirmed delivery.

ADDRESS - address is information which unequivocally designates the recipient of a mail item.

ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER - registered mail with a return receipt by which employers deliver decisions to terminate an employment contract and all other decisions on internal appellate procedures, as well as decisions by which the procedures of peaceful settlements of labour disputes are ended.

ADVERTISING MAIL ITEM - a mail item or package for which the sender has requested such special service. The terms of submitting advertising mail items are determined by a contract.

AR (LABEL) - a rectangular, red mark with letters ‘AR’ which designates a mail item with a return receipt.