Advertising at the Post

Advertising at the Post

Croatian Post’s post offices across the country may become a place where your ad will be visible too.


Benefit from the availability of our post offices visited by hundreds of thousands of customers on a daily basis and promote your service!

You are looking for an opportunity to promote your services in the area of a particular post office or across the country? Our network of post offices in the busiest locations across Croatia can successfully introduce your services and products to customers.
Every day, our 1016 post offices are visited by 150,000 individuals, which make them a unique sales network. Ads displayed for Croatian Post’s contractual partners in post offices are always seen and you can choose how you are going to advertise your product or service, including counters, displays, pads, flyers…
Our post offices are also the right place for outdoor advertising because they are located at the busiest spots in the respective localities, an additional advantage being the fact that our post offices are often located in urban areas where no other ads may be displayed.

Indoor advertising

Every day, 150,000 Croatian citizens visit Croatian Post’s post offices. Croatian Post’s unique sales network, which constantly adapts its products and services to customers’ needs, has gained their confidence and ensured that they always return. Ads displayed for Croatian Post’s contractual partners in post offices are always seen.

Promo counters

Croatian Post allows you to set up your promotional counters in post offices where your employees can present your products and services directly to customers.

Aluminum B1 screens

Aluminum B1 screens are present in all post offices, in places most visible to customers.

A3 Plexiglas displays

A3 Plexiglas displays are present in all post offices. In our busiest post offices, they are also installed on stylishly designed sales consoles to be visible to customers while viewing the extensive retail range of Croatian Post.

Counter pads

Counter pads are present on counters of all post offices to make your ad visible to customers when receiving any type of postal or financial service.


Your promotional flyers may be made available on counters of all post offices in A6 displays. In addition, Croatian Post employees may distribute flyers to interested customers and target groups and provide brief explanations of the product or service you are advertising.

Floor graphics

Floor graphics with your ad are placed within the retail area of post office.

Exhibiting your range

The presentation and availability of products are important to introduce them to customers and arouse their interest. In our post offices, your products may be exhibited according to your wishes in your displays or in Croatian Post’s retail cases.
Banners, penguins, wobblers...
You may exhibit any other type of advertising material in any post office, such as banners, penguins, cash trays, wobblers and special wobblers, and pointers.

Outdoor advertising

Being spread across Croatia, Croatian Post’s post offices are located in the busiest spots, both in major cities and small towns.
While going to work, school or shopping, you will almost certainly pass by a post office, which makes it an ideal medium for regional and national advertising campaigns conducted by Croatian Post’s contractual customers. An additional advantage is the fact that our post offices are often located in urban areas where no other ads may be displayed.

Window graphics

Your ad may be applied to glass surfaces of post offices to make it clearly visible to all customers and passersby.
CITYLIGHT illuminated advertising surfaces. Installed at the busiest locations in urban pedestrian zones next to post offices, CITYLIGHT illuminated advertising surfaces make your ad attractive to passersby at any time of day.

Self-standing A screens

Self-standing A screens are installed in visible places outside post offices and advertise your products and services to customers even before they enter the post office.

View our brochure and the options of advertising in post offices

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