An authorized person may receive mail instead of the addressee.


An authorization may also be issued for receiving only certain types of postal items or for only one postal item.

Such authorization may be certified by:

  • Croatian Post;
  • an accredited public authority; or
  • a notary public. 

Where such authorization is certified by Croatian Post, you may only issue your authorization to a contractually capable and literate person. At the time of issuing your authorization, the person being authorized must also be present. You may issue several authorizations at the same time and one authorization may authorize up to three persons. 

For how long does my authorization remain effective?

An authorization is issued for one year following the issue date and remains effective for that period or until revoked. The Croatian Post employee may request from the authorized person to present the authorization and an identity document (identity card, passport…) to be able to exercise his/her rights under the authorization.
Where such authorization is certified by an accredited public authority or a notary public, the general terms and conditions for authorizations will apply. You should normally provide the original version or a certified copy of the authorization to the post office where you intend to exercise the rights granted to you by the authorization. The authorization remains effective until the date indicated therein or until revoked.