Perform your cash payment transactions at our post offices securely and quickly.


If you need to send money to or receive it from a particular foreign country, Croatian Post offers you the international postal order.

Sending money using an international postal order could not be any easier. Complete a TFP1 Form at a post office and pay your money in HRK. The maximum amount allowed to be wired is at discretion of the postal operator/bank wiring the money. The place where the money will be paid depends on the regulations applicable to the receiving postal operator/bank.
If you are expecting an international postal order, Croatian Post will deliver the money to your address and pay you the specified amount in HRK. Don’t worry if you are not at home when your delivery arrives. The notice left to you will indicate the post office where you can collect your money and the time limit.

Time limits

  • Money sent electronically using an international postal order will be paid to the payee within four to six business days.
  • Money sent using postal channels will be paid to the payee within seven to ten business days.


The commission is 3.75% of the amount paid. The minimum amount of commission is HRK 31 and the maximum amount is HRK 200.

The table below provides a list of countries/operators to which you can send an international postal order and indicates the maximum amounts and withdrawal sites.

Withdrawal sites:
1 – at payee’s home address
2 – at a post office after receiving a notice
3 – at a bank
Withdrawal method:
E – electronic
Country (operator) Maximum amount Withdrawal site Withdrawal method
International postal orders up to EUR 150 may be sent to your poste restante address from the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian Post - Mostar), Luxembourg, Hungary and Romania.