Certificate of quality and excellent business results

 Croatian Post became a new member of the International Post Corporation (IPC) on 1 July 2019
On 1 July 2019, the Croatian Post became a member of the International Post Corporation (IPC), the international organisation which unites major postal operators in Europe, North America and Australia. The decision was reached unanimously at the annual shareholder meeting of the IPC in the German city of Bonn, on 23 May 2019. At the meeting, the company was represented by Ivan Čulo, Chief Executive Officer of the Croatian Post, and Ivana Mrkonjić, Executive Director of the International Affairs Division. The organisation works to develop postal business in the segment of international parcels, among other things. While e-commerce is growing and the number of parcels is getting bigger and bigger, regular letter shipment is dropping. That is why the IPC focuses on postal processes and connecting postal operators by exchanging parcels and developing the said logistics segment. It is an important element of the central aim of the organisation – the preservation of the total business stability of postal companies and workplaces across the entire postal business.
Strict criteria must be fulfilled in order to become a member of the IPC – from the prescribed high percentage of successful shipment delivery and quality to good financial results. The Croatian Post fulfilled all the criteria thanks to its strong engagement and contribution of all its employees. This makes the Croatian Post and the Hungarian Post, side-by-side with the leading postal companies, such as the French Post, Royal Mail, Belgian Post, Swiss Post or Deutsche Post DHL, the only operators from the "younger" EU Member States. The Croatian Post expects that its IPC membership will, more specifically, provide for additional growth in the parcel business, as well as the possibility of advanced technology use in order to improve international services and data exchange.

Interview with Ivan Čulo, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Croatian Post