Commercial Postage Stamp

Commercial Postage Stamp

Present yourself to the entire world


Your own commercial postage stamp with a theme and motif chosen by you is a unique way of presenting your business and products across the world.

Croatian Post is the only organization in Croatia that issues postage stamps and provides a truly unique product.
  • If you want to celebrate an important anniversary;
  • If you want to mark a novelty in your business; or
  • If you want to draw attention to your company’s mission and vision in a special way.
Create your own commercial postage stamp in cooperation with Croatian Post. Surveys have shown that a postage stamp gives a letter more importance and attracts the recipient’s attention and that such letters are twice as likely to be read, which is very important in an advertising campaign.
Your commercial postage stamp is a permanent instrument of your company’s promotion because it becomes part of stamp collections and albums, is exchanged with 192 Universal Postal Union member countries, appears at all relevant postal trade shows, and finds its ways to collectors anxious to obtain this truly unique stamp across the world.
A postage stamp is not merely evidence of prepaying the postage, but also an important part of a country’s identity and its historical, cultural and political specifics. Being an ambassador of its country, as it is often deservedly referred to, a postage stamp represents its country in the whole world, but may also be a unique means of advertising.

Ideas for gifts

A postage stamp is a unique gift. Every year, Croatian Post uses its postage stamps to mark important events in culture, history, sports, natural beauties, art, our national traditions… Croatian postage stamps feature diverse motifs and high quality of artistic design provided by prominent academic painters and graphic artists, which make them a permanent value and a contribution to Croatian culture and social life. Postage stamps may therefore be considered distinctive souvenirs and Croatian Post’s products associated with postage stamps will surely be a unique and memorable gift for your international business partners. 
To obtain additional information or order this service, please contact the Croatian Post Corporate Marketing and Development Office at +385 (0)1 4981 073 or at