We operate in all parts of Croatia - that is why we believe contributing to the community is of major importance.

We are present throughout Croatia – this is why we care deeply about making a contribution to the community. With its network of 1,016 post offices, Croatian Post is present throughout the Republic of Croatia and our postmen and women visit all the addresses where people live or work.

In many communities, post offices function as the place where citizens can access all the services they need in their everyday lives without having to go too far from home. On a daily basis, more than 150,000 users take advantage of postal, financial and retail services at our post offices. Croatian Post's postmen and women deliver more than a million postal items every day to all the addresses where people live or work. In remote villages, a postman or woman is often one of the few visitors and, in such places, he or she becomes way more than just a delivery man or woman.


The employees of Croatian Post are an integral part of each community and this is why we have made investing in their knowledge and social security an important part of the Pošta2022 Development Strategy. As one of the largest employers in Croatia, Croatian Post pays great attention to the growth and wellbeing of its employees. Five years in a row, in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Croatian Post was awarded the Partner Employer Certificate, which attests to the high quality of its human resources management. In 2019, Croatian Post was also awarded the Business Leaders recognition for its contribution to the growth of its employees as the driving force behind the company's digital transformation.
These recognitions are a result of the investments we have made into our employees. Our employees enjoy a number of benefits and, in 2017, we also established a closed voluntary pension fund through which Croatian Post rewards its employees in accordance with their work performance. This sort of employee reward system allows us to improve the employees' social security and reward their loyalty to the company. Voluntary pension fund savings have long-term effects –employees who save in third-pillar pension schemes should also have larger pensions, depending on the payments.
In addition to investing in its employees financially, Croatian Post has been making significant systematic investments in developing their knowledge. All employees can attend professional training sessions and further their "soft", sales or computer skills, depending on the area they need to improve. Also, all our managers are required to participate in Croatian Post Academy training programme in order to improve their management competencies, transfer knowledge internally and strengthen co-operation and teamwork. Croatian Post also pays special attention to the health and wellbeing of its employees by ensuring free medical check-ups.

Scholarships and practical training

Through its higher education scholarship programmes, Croatian Post takes care of young people as the future generation of citizens active in business. Furthermore, it provides work experience opportunities, as well as opportunities for acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary in business settings, by allowing practical training to take place in all its organizational units.

Commemorative postage stamps

The contributions of Croatian Post are also apparent from its practice of issuing commemorative postage stamps for the Republic of Croatia. Topics that are significant for Croatia and all its regions are often featured as postage stamp motifs. By selecting and printing such motifs, we spread the image and knowledge of the cultural, geographical, historical and many other features that make Croatia special. Postage stamps are a lasting token of our desire to conserve heritage and improve the knowledge of our country.

  • Community
  • We operate in all parts of Croatia - that is why we believe contributing to the community is of major importance.
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  • Gender equality is a matter of the overall progress of society