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Croatian Post is a company offering and developing multiple quality services for current and future customers. By investing in its development, Croatian Post strives to secure and strengthen its position of the leading postal service operator and become the central location for offering numerous additional services to corporate and retail customers. The fact that Croatian Post is on the right path is confirmed by multiple industry awards and recognitions garnered in recent years.
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Hrvatska pošta - Post2022 Development Strateqy (pdf)
  • Who we are and what we do
  • Croatian Post is the biggest provider of postal services in the Republic of Croatia and the only provider of universal service in keeping with the provisions of the Postal Services Act. A wide range of financial, retail, insurance, digital and other services provided by Croatian Post on a daily basis to retail and corporate customers is available throughout the Croatian territory.
  • History
  • Croatian Post has always been at the service of citizens
  • Organisational structure
  • To ensure operational efficiency and continuous development, several years ago Croatian Post created a new organisational structure dividing its business into divisions.
  • Investors
  • The corporate world is all about learning the accurate information as soon as possible.
  • Information catalogue
  • In the Croatian Post’s Information Catalogue there is information about anti-corruption plans and activities of Croatian Post, invitations to attend General Shareholders Meeting and adopted decisions, as well as data about the mail item delivery quality assessment.
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Svatko voli priznanje za svoj rad. No kada priznanje dobije tvrtka, ono je pokazatelj pravog smjera i ispravnog puta prema izvrsnosti.