Croatian Post - a desirable employer

Croatian Post has given its employees a high priority as one of the goals drafted in the Post2022 Strategy.

People are the driving force of change and their satisfaction guarantees the satisfaction of service users. This is precisely why our employees and investing in them is our priority.

Since people are Croatian Post’s greatest driving force, adjusting the organisational culture is also a vital part of our Strategy. As one of the largest employers in Croatia, we have invested a substantial amount of resources in employee training, knowledge and technological development and personal development in order to keep up with the needs of a modern service user and worker and to adapt to a dynamic business environment. Croatian Post recognises and treasures its employees as its most valuable asset. Therefore, in addition to their regular income resulting from the company’s stable performance, we offer them many other additional benefits as well. Our core values – trust, proactivity and excellence – guarantee that our mission – to be at the service of citizens – is accomplished day in and day out.

The Employer Partner Certificate, which was awarded to Croatian Post for five consecutive years, also confirms our excellence in human resources management. We are one of the five state-owned companies which has been awarded this Certificate, which only further confirms our quality of governance to the benefit of both the company and the employee. In 2020 Croatian Post has received the Excellence During Challenges acknowledgment, which is given to companies for quality human resource management and care for their people during the pandemic. 


  • I wish to work at Croatian Post
  • If you are a responsible and proactive person with a penchant for knowledge and eager to continually broaden your knowledge and skills and you strive toward excellence in the workplace and with to join the Croatian Post team, make the first step in that direction and send us your resume.
  • With knowledge to excellence
  • Keeping professional development continuous is one of the strategic goals included in the Croatian Post’s development strategy. Without knowledge, there is no business excellence.