Croatian Post’s Vehicle Fleet Expanded by 20 New Electric Vehicles

New Investment in Green Business
Croatian Post has expanded its “green” vehicle fleet by 20 new electric quadricycles. This addition represents the continuation of a yearslong electric vehicle procurement and vehicle fleet renewal scheme aimed at reducing adverse environmental impacts and improving energy efficiency.

Croatian Post’s vehicle fleet includes a total of 220 electric vehicles, 40 of which are quadricycles. Quadricycles can run 60 kilometres on a single charge at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The volume of the luggage compartment is 300 litres and the carrying capacity is approximately 150 kg. The introduction of electric vehicles reduces the fleet’s operational costs and increases energy efficiency. These vehicles improve mobility in city centres and optimise efficiency by gradually reducing the number of vehicles running on fossil fuel. By utilising 40 electric quadricycles for delivery purposes, Croatian Post will significantly reduce its carbon footprint as the carbon dioxide emissions will decrease by as much as 15.2 tonnes.

The procurement of 20 electric quadricycles was co-funded by grants from the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.