Crypto Center

Crypto Center

Buy or sell cryptocurrencies at post offices

To make trading and owning digital currencies as accessible as possible to anyone interested,  our selected post offices have been turned into crypto-service centers.

In more then 50 post offices of the Croatian Post, you can exchange cryptocurrencies for the Croatian currency kuna (HRK), but also convert your HRK into one of the offered currencies. Buying and selling is enabled for Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, Ether, Eos, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, USDT, USD Coin, Polkadot and Kusama.

How does exchanging and buying cryptocurrencies work?

The exchange of cryptocurrencies for HRK is done in two stages. In the first stage, the post office employee issues you a coupon with a QR code that lets you know at what exchange rate your cryptocurrency will be redeemed. The coupon contains instructions on how to make the payment and is valid for 15 minutes from the moment it was issued. Within these 15 minutes, you need to scan the QR code on the coupon and send the digital currency to the cryptocurrency exchange office. Once the cryptocurrency is sent, you can return to the post office in which the second stage of the cryptocurrency redemption, i.e. the second part of the exchange (redemption) transaction is initiated. In the second stage, you are paid the indicated amount of cash. This completes the exchange of the cryptocurrency for HRK.

If you tell a post office employee you are interested in buying a cryptocurrency, he or she will initiate the transaction. At the counter, you need to say what cryptocurrency you are buying and for what amount in HRK. The employee then enters all the necessary data into the software, and a message will be sent to your email address with the amount in HRK that you need to pay to make the purchase. After you hand over the indicated amount to the post office employee, he or she will print you a coupon with a QR code, and a message will be sent to your email address with the rest of the code to store the purchased cryptocurrency.

*Please note that to trade in and own cryptocurrencies you need to have a digital wallet for the storage of digital money.

Also available is the Crypto Center of the Croatian Post (, a special website where all Croatian Post services related to cryptocurrencies are gathered in one place. The website also features an exchange rate list, information on how to buy and sell a given cryptocurrency, animated instructions on transactions with cryptocurrencies, as well as an interactive map with the addresses of post offices where this service is available.