Customs Procedure

Customs Procedure

Croatian Post is a licensed postal customs declarer.


As a licensed postal customs declarer, Croatian Post submits items to be inspected by the customs authorities.

Croatian Post will charge you for this service only in relation to items found by the Customs Administration/Ministry of Finance to be subject to customs duty and/or VAT.
  • The customs duty and VAT invoice issued by the Ministry of Finance will be attached to your item.
  • We will notify the addressee of whether or not they need to provide any additional documents (invoice, certificate, etc.) to the customs authorities to import the item.
  • Handling costs are fixed irrespective of the recipient’s address in Croatia. These costs include:
  • the price of submitting the item for customs inspection (HRRK 30, 40 or 50 exclusive of VAT, depending on the weight of the item);
  • dispatch of a call as evidence for the customs office (HRK 19.50);
  • the storage charge (if any) of HRK 12.40 exclusive of VAT per day; and
  • the price of the HUB Form (no less than HRK 5 and no more than HRK 80).

The pricelists including all our services and the General Business Terms and Conditions of HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d. are available at each post office and on our official website.