I received a mail arrival notice today. I would like to know if the parcel may be resent to the address and if such service is subject to a charge?
 You can ask for a mail redelivery request at your nearest post office or by calling the Contact Center (072 303 304). This redelivery service is subject to a rate specified in the Croatian Post service pricelist, depending on the type of mail.
Is the postman required to deliver a registered mail item if the recipient lives on the fifth floor of an apartment building?
 In case of a registered mail item or an Paket24 item or any item for which a receipt note is issued, the postman is required to deliver the item on the addressee’s floor. If no one is found at the address, he will leave a mail arrival notice in the home mailbox.
How are ordinary postal items recorded in Croatian Post? I am unable to track an item which should have arrived at my address by now.
 Ordinary postal items are not individually recorded, which makes it difficult to track their movements within the postal system. We are therefore unable to tell you why your ordinary mail is delayed with certainty.
A postal item without a receipt number is an ordinary postal item and they are not tracked and cannot be claimed under the relevant international regulations. It is therefore impossible to obtain information about their current status.
Croatian Post may provide such information for registered mail items, valuable items and EMS items because it scans them at departure from and entry into the country.
A postal item was sent to me from Germany 10 days ago. I can see in the tracking system that it has been shipped from the country of origin and this is where all further information concerning the item stops. What is this about?
 When a postal item arrives at the international exchange office in Zagreb, it is scanned, its status is updated, and it only then becomes visible in the tracking system. Please note that each postal administration selects its own carrier and thereby determines the time of transfer to the destination country. As the postal item remains property of the sender until it is delivered to the addressee, official information about the item may only be obtained by initiating a claim procedure. You can initiate such procedure with your postal administration.

What does the letter A on a Croatian postage stamp signify?
In October 2019 Croatian Post  has introduced postage stamps of the Republic of Croatia denominated with the letter „A“ which corresponds to the domestic postage rate for letters weighing up to 50 grams and the domestic postage rate for postcards.