Delivery Package

Delivery Package

Order delivery and collection of large amounts of mail at your business premises, at a time most suitable for you.


Delivery and collection using the package

Croatian Post’s service package helps you and facilitates your daily organization of delivering and collecting mail. A Croatian Post employee will deliver all your mail to your office at once. You can also arrange to have all your items you wish to send that day collected.
This service is particularly useful if you send and receive large amounts of mail and you save your time and money by using it because you relieve your employees and your fleet of these duties. You can arrange the “Delivery Package” service with Croatian Post, but also order a one-time service termed “Service by Request” without entering into contract.

Contractual Package

After entering into agreement to use this service with Croatian Post, a Croatian Post employee will deliver all your mail to your business premises under such conditions and at such time as are most convenient for you. If you so arrange, he will also collect all items you may wish to send that day. Thanks to this service, your mail will always be delivered at the best time, for example when your daily business volume is at its minimum.

Service by Request

Service by Request is an ideal service if you occasionally send or receive large amounts of mail. You can order this service any time you need it, without entering into contract. You can also use “Service by Request” if you receive mail in your mailbox and you or your employees are sometimes unable to collect such items from the mailbox. To obtain additional information or order Service by Request please call 01 6626 870.

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