Digital services

By implementing the Post2022 Strategy, Croatian Post has established itself as the leader of the digital transformation in Croatia.

In recent years, Croatian Post has established itself as the leader of the digital transformation in Croatia. Digitisation is the philosophy driving the Post2022 Development Strategy. So far, numerous business processes have undergone this transformation and new services have been offered to service users and introduced to the market.
Croatian Post’s teams are currently working on artificial intelligence, robots, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, advanced data analysis and the internet of things (IoT). We are acting and introducing smart solutions in our business operations much faster and with much more courage. For instance, we have tested drone mail delivery from land to an island, equipped the New Sorting Centre with robots for transporting pallets and procured new electric delivery vehicles. The process of delivering mail to service users’ addresses has been fully digitised through the “Digital Postman” app.
A new, digital age of Croatian Post’s operations is also reflected in innovative services offered to service users, such as cryptocurrency exchange services, which are now available at many post offices. The ePost service, a sort of a digital post office, has also been available for several years. Among other things, service users can use ePost to receive and pay bills and to send and receive mail and documents. The service is regularly updated with new functions required by service users and the market.
Croatian Post has also branched out into the e-trade segment by launching a web shop called “Žuti Klik”. What makes our web shop special is the option of multichannel shopping and numerous delivery and payment options. “Žuti Klik” has also started a new chapter of the Croatian online market by connecting Croatian family farms and companies with end buyers.

  • Mips
  • Croatian Post invests in knowledge and recognises it as a basis for the development of the company’s core operations. Knowledge management is a way to achieve excellence, through core operations development enhancement of quality is achieved and through the development of new digital services entrance to new markets is enabled.  
  • Digital solutions and innovation
  • We live in a digital era. Business solutions and services adjusted to the needs of our time have become the way of ensuring survival on the market.