Digital services

We are living in a digital society and Croatian Post, as a socially responsible company, is dedicated not only to developing its operations, but also to providing opportunities for professional development to its employees – we are aware that market survival is impossible without the development of digital services.

Diversification is unavoidable in achieving market expansion in the post and parcel industry.

Global post operators are facing a speedy reduction in the volume of mail. That trend has been present for years and that it why adjusting operations to changing circumstances is unavoidable. Considering a fast development of digital technologies, making a technological step forward into the digital world seems logical for all postal operators. Croatian Post is making digitalisation of services and business processes its development strategy, translating it into multiple projects. These projects mark the beginning of a new era in Croatian Post’s operations.  
  • Mips
  • Croatian Post invests in knowledge and recognises it as a basis for the development of the company’s core operations. Knowledge management is a way to achieve excellence, through core operations development enhancement of quality is achieved and through the development of new digital services entrance to new markets is enabled.  
  • Digital solutions and innovation
  • We live in a digital era. Business solutions and services adjusted to the needs of our time have become the way of ensuring survival on the market.