Dimensions and weights of hpekspres items

Dimensions and weights of hpekspres items

The dimensions and weights of postal items are defined by the relevant postal regulations


hpekspres items may weigh up to 50 kilograms and their length, width, and height may be between 9 cm and 200 cm*.

Dimensions Length Length Length
Minimum 9 cm 9 cm 9 cm
Maximum 200 cm 200 cm 200 cm

Minimum No limit
Maximum 50 kg *
* The volumetric weight (if greater than the actual weight) applies to hpekspres items whose maximum combined dimensions exceed 2000 mm. The volumetric weight is calculated by dividing the product of the item’s height, length and width in centimeters by 5000 (L x W x H / 5000). The amount so calculated is considered to be the item’s weight in kilograms and may not exceed 50 kilograms. Croatian Post is entitled to apply and charge the customer for volumetric weight calculation for any hpekspres item where the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight.
The combined height, length and width of a hpekspres item may not exceed 350 cm.
(For  an online price calculation please visit www.posta.hr).