Divisional Organisational Structure

Croatian Post is divided in four divisions, according to business processes they are in charge of.  

Postal Services

Postal Service Division is the biggest of four divisions, in charge of transport, directing and delivery of letter items. The Postal Service Division continuously works on increasing revenue from core activity, adjusting services to customer needs, introducing services with added value and improving cost efficiency.


Network Division operates the biggest and most widespread sales network in the Republic of Croatia. Post offices, 1016 of them, are located at more than 950 locations, giving Croatian Post additional competitive advantage on the postal, finance, insurance, telecommunications, retail and other markets.

Express Services

Express Services Division is in charge of express delivery service Paket 24. With the number of deliveries and the quality of service, Paket 24 is the leader on the parcel and express delivery market. The service encompasses the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.  

Support Services

The only centralized division in charge of real property management, accounting, controlling and maintenance and modernization of post offices. 
  • Management Board
  • In addition to the Supervisory Board and the General Shareholders Meeting, Croatian Post’s Management Board is one of the three governing bodies of HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d. established in the company’s Articles of Incorporation.
  • Supervisory Board
  • According to the Articles of Incorporation, HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d. has a two-tier board system and therefore a separate Supervisory Board.
  • Audit Committee
  • Croatian Post’s Audit Committee is responsible for auditing external reports, especially annual financial statements.
  • Statute
  • Statut je temeljni dokument Hrvatske pošte kojim su uređena pitanja koja se tiču ustroja tvrtke i odnosa u njoj.