Your distribution channel.
At a minimum cost to reach your customers across Croatia.


Safe and reliable delivery

e-PARCEL is a service designed for customers sending large amounts of postal items and requiring safe and reliable delivery.
e-PARCEL is a service specifically designed for firms engaged in:

  • sales;
  • online commerce;
  • TV sales;
  • catalog sales; and
  • any other entities requiring that the products they sell be safely delivered and paid for.

We will collect an e-PARCEL at your address, deliver it to the addressee’s address or a selected post office and collect the relevant payment from the addressee. The service covers the whole Croatia and 1,500,000 addresses.
Please find all information about the benefits of our service, rates and optional services we offer at http://www.hpekspres.hr/Poslovni-korisnici/E-paket/