Envelopes, Greeting Cards and Postcards

Envelopes, Greeting Cards and Postcards

When you need to pack and send your mail, a post office is the best place and the right time.


Having your items packed and sent at a post office is the easiest and most convenient solution. When you need a greeting card, a post office is the right place for you again.

At Croatian Post’s post offices you can buy envelopes for your letters, boxes of different shapes and sizes for sending large and small parcels, as well as greeting cards for different occasions.


For your letters, choose between numerous envelopes of different dimensions, as well as envelopes with decorations. If you are sending anything sensitive and easily damaged in your envelope, please view our offer of airbag envelopes that additionally protect the content of your postal item.

Greeting cards

All our post offices offer a wide range of greeting cards at affordable prices. Choose a greeting card for any occasion: weddings, birthdays, confirmation rites, baptism rites, graduation…. Don’t forget to buy postage stamps for your greeting cards.


Whether you are enjoying your vacation or visiting new places and regions, a postcard is a souvenir everyone likes to receive. Wherever you are in Croatia, send your family and friends a postcard you buy and send at a post office.