Environmental protection

We are a big company and our care for the environment is important.

We are a large-numbers company and we care deeply about environmental protection.

Environmental protection is one of the basic conditions for the sustainable, long-term growth of a modern company.

Croatian Post is a large logistics company, currently providing employment for more than 10,000 people. Our vehicle fleet consists of more than 3,800 vehicles and we deliver around 1.3 million postal items on a daily basis. Since we are a company that boasts large numbers and great logistic capacities, we care about minimizing our "ecological footprint" on a daily basis.
Our everyday business operations lead to large amounts of waste (printer toners, paper, batteries, waste oils, electronic and electric waste, etc.), and Croatian Post disposes of this in an environmentally acceptable manner. All waste that is disposed of is accurately recorded, waste management plans have been implemented, and we submit annual reports to the Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, by investing in real estate, Croatian Post has been making a systematic effort to improve its energy efficiency.
In late 2015, Croatian Post purchased 180 electric bicycles in order to replace old mopeds and reduce harmful gas emissions. Having replaced the mopeds with e-bicycles, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 100 tons a year. The funds required to purchase the e-bicycles were provided through the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. Not to limit ourselves to the bicycles, we are currently in the process of purchasing electric vehicles (with four wheels) in order to further reduce the pollution that arises as the result of our core business activity.

Let's make Croatia free of wreckage

Postmen and women from Samobor have been supporting the "Zelene stope" ("Green Steps") Association and a commemorative postcard marking this co-operation was issued in 2017. Postmen and women from all over Croatia can use this postcard to record the location of wreckage they stumble upon so that members of the Association can remove it. The "Green Steps" Association has removed more than 15,000 pieces of car wreckage from national parks and nature parks all over Croatia, and postmen and women working at Croatian Post have helped spot and remove a large share of those.

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  • We are creating a better and more humane world for children without parental care.
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  • We operate in all parts of Croatia - that is why we believe contributing to the community is of major importance.