ePost – Croatian Post’s Virtual Office

ePošta is an online service operated by Croatian Post which allows users to exchange bills and other documents electronically in a safe environment, from their own offices.

How to become a user?

Business users establish a contractual relationship by submitting a completed and signed contract proposal to a Croatian Post sales representative, postman or office. The contract proposal template is available on www.ePoš or at any post office.
ePošta offers the following services:
  • Receiving of bills and other documents in electronic form, which allows users easier document management and access from any location. In addition to documents, users can also receive letters and individual and promotional messages in their eBoxes.
  • Payment of bills delivered via ePošta or to home address using credit and debit cards issued by any bank.
  • Sending of letters to other service users in electronic form, as regular or registered mail. Along with the letter, addressees receive an SMS containing a code for opening the letter. Users can also send letters in electronic form to be printed, enveloped and delivered to home address as regular, priority or registered mail.
  • ePošta can be used to send free registered messages to other ePošta users or to external e-mail addresses, or to send promotional messages to specific groups of users, grouped according to the geographic location they live in or according to their interests.
  • Users can store all documents in ePošta free of charge during the first year and for a symbolic fee after that period.
  • In addition, business users who need to send large amounts of documents (e.g. utility bills) can connect their information systems to ePošta in order to send bills and other documents in electronic form to all ePošta users who sign up for such service.

Become an ePošta user and make communication with your clients simpler!

More information about the service is available at, or by phone on 072 500 501.