I have registered in the epostshop and tried to buy certain stamps (code: 324611, code: 308639, and code: 310775). I would like to buy sets of these stamps (including the tag), but I don’t know how to specify this in my purchase order because I need to enter the numerical amount in pieces. Can I buy a whole set or are only individual stamps available?
 As regards the purchasing of a full set available in our ePost Shop, you need to add to your online cart the quantity of each stamp equivalent to a set:
Code: 324611 – Anniversary of the Establishment of the First Croatian Volunteer Firefighting Society - 8 stamps;
Code: 308639 - Olympics, Beijing 2008 - 9 stamps;
Code: 310775 – Winter Olympics, Vancouver 2010 – 9 stamps.
After adding all items to your cart, proceed with “Payment”. After inserting your particulars, you will reach the Payment submenu. Here you can choose how you wish to pay. Below is the “Note” section. You should indicate as a note that you want to receive the stamps ordered as full sets.
How can I purchase the same stamp, canceled and non-canceled?
 After reaching the page containing the postage stamp you are interested in, click “Buy” and add the desired postage stamp to your cart. If in addition to such postage stamp you want the same postage stamp that has been canceled, confirm this by clicking: “I want my stamps canceled”. By clicking “Buy”, you will add such canceled stamp to your cart. After successful selection, you should have two same items in your cart. One of these items will have a note: “I want my stamps canceled”.
How secure is it to shop on your website?
 You are completely secure while shopping at www.epostshop.hr
All data communication between our Web Shop and your web browser is encrypted and fully secure. All information, such as your credit card number, your name and other personal data is stored so that it is not available to anybody. Your data will be managed by a verified automated payment system. For online payment purposes we use the ePay online payment service provided by Globaldizajn d.o.o., which uses state-of-the-art technologies for protection against abuse, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and other technologies and security procedures to the highest standards. Sensitive information is exchanged between the online payment system and credit card authorization centers by using a network fully protected against unauthorized access. Sensitive information about your credit card will be transferred online, directly to the authorization center.
How can I pay for products ordered from your Web Shop?
 Four options are available to you for paying for products you order: 
1. Credit cards: Diners, American Express, MasterCard or Visa.
2. Based on our quote (advance payment – general payment order or online banking).
- If a customer wishes to pay for a product based on a quote, he may order it from our Web Shop and choose the “Payment Based on Quote” option. After the customer selected a product or service he wishes to order and sends his order to the relevant e-mail address, he will automatically receive a quote indicating the exact amount to be paid. The administrator will verify such order. The product will be sent after the payment is registered in the account.
3. Cash-on-delivery at the delivery address.
- The cash-on-delivery service is only available for products delivered within Croatia.
4. SWIFT (for foreign customers only).
- If an international customer wishes to pay for a product based on a quote, he may do so by a foreign exchange remittance at his bank or by using online banking in favor of Croatian Post’s account held with Hrvatska poštanska banka. When paying using SWIFT, the customer should provide the following particulars: