Gender equality is a matter of the overall progress of society

Gaining new knowledge and experience about the positions of women and men at all organizational levels is important for eliminating gender inequalities, gender stereotypes and combating discrimination.
In the Pošta2022. Development Strategy corporate social responsibility is one of the prominent philosophies, but also an integral part of the Croatian Post's operations. As gender equality is extremely important for socially responsible business dealings, in order to get a picture of the real state of equality, in January 2022 the company conducted a survey among its female employees on the basis of which the Action Plan for Promoting and Establishing Gender Equality from 2022 to 2025 was adopted.
The research yielded insight into the current state of relations and positions of women and men at the Croatian Post, allowing the company to establish measures and activities to promote equality and prohibition of gender discrimination under the Gender Equality Act and to define indicators for planning further actions related to gender equality at the Croatian Post.
To ensure gender equality and provide equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender, marital and family status, pregnancy and maternity, and sexual orientation, the company has set out to pay special attention to the impacts of its acts and/or activities on women and men at the company. Aware of our responsibility in society, in this way we contribute to the community because gender equality is achieved when women and men have the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities in all parts of society and when different interests, needs and priorities of men and women are equally valued. The action plan and gender equality training will be implemented through the Croatian Post Academy, but also continuously at all organizational levels.

  • Community
  • We operate in all parts of Croatia - that is why we believe contributing to the community is of major importance.
  • Equality
  • Gender equality is a matter of the overall progress of society