evotv & ePost

evotv & ePost

In addition to developing its core business, Croatian Post constantly develops and offers its customers new digital services.


Evotv – a new generation of digital television, and ePost – an electronic mailbox service, are available to you at all times.

These modern times require new, innovative services. Croatian Post is here to respond to such challenges and meet your demands for increasingly numerous electronic services.
They include evotv – the only television in the market for which you do not need to have:
  • the internet;
  • a phone; or
  • a permanent address.
On the other hand, if you wish to electronically receive and send:
  • letters;
  • messages;
  • various documents; or
  • pay your bills using credit or debit cards issued by any bank against a fee of only HRK 2,

ePost is the right service for you. Find evotv and ePost at Croatian Post!