Forwarding Services

Forwarding Services

We are a licensed provider of forwarding services.


Contact us with confidence for any forwarding services concerning your imports and exports and for special services such as making a request for your item to be inspected by sanitary, market, veterinary and phytosanitary inspections .


Sending international Paket24 items (EMS items) abroad is not only the fastest, but also the easiest way. At the time of posting your items, you will receive all information concerning the customs formalities and the relevant forms.
For items subject to customs formalities, HP Forwarding will at your request act as your customs agent anywhere in Croatia. More information about the options and terms of sending postal items to different countries is available in our International Services Guide

Before sending

Each country has its own rules of importing the contents of certain items. Before sending your item, please check with the addressee or the customs administration in the destination country whether the item being sent is allowed to be imported to that country or a particular document (invoice, certificate of origin, health certificate, plant or meat license, etc.) is required to import it to the destination country. Otherwise, your item may be returned or the customs administration in the destination country may retain the item or part of its content.

The website of the Universal Postal Union displays a LIST of prohibited items for its member countries. More information about customs formalities at the post office is available on the website of the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia.

Which form do I need?

International Paket24 items (EMS items) not subject to customs inspection (documents) are sent with a completed E1 EMS Address Form. International Paket24 (EMS) items subject to customs inspection (products) must, in addition to a completed E1 EMS Address Form, be accompanied by a completed Customs Declaration Form (CN 22). 
International Paket24 (EMS) items sent by legal entities and not being of commercial nature (such as gifts, samples or promotional materials) must be accompanied by a pro forma or gratis invoice and a DECLARATION of export without paying the equivalence. International Paket24 (EMS) items sent by legal entities containing commercial materials and are subject to customs inspection must be accompanied by an invoice. 
If you so prefer, HP Forwarding will act as your customs agent and prepare for you a Uniform Customs Declaration (UCD) anywhere in Croatia. All you need to do is provide with your item a completed Export Authorization  authorizing HP Forwarding to handle for you all export customs formalities.

HP Forwarding - Contact

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Customs Administration - Contact
The contact details for customs offices are available on the official website of the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia.