Your safety and safety of others come first. Croatian Post is your first choice for obtaining insurance.


Safety is often disregarded until it is too late. That is why you should obtain an insurance policy at a post office.

Croatian Post and Croatia osiguranje offer you the option of obtaining an insurance policy at a post office. Visit a post office and obtain an insurance policy to make your life more carefree. At a post office, you can have your property, vehicle, health or life insured or you can obtain a Circle of Life insurance policy.

Have your real property insured

Have your family home and your other valuable properties insured. Croatian Post offers the following types of policies:
  • Household insurance and supplemental household insurance
A household insurance policy covers all assets in your house or apartment used to fit out your residence, as well as all personal use and consumption items. In addition to basic insurance, for example against fire, lightning strike, explosion, storm, hail, flood, landslide, burglary, etc., you can obtain supplemental insurance according to your demands.
  • Fire insurance
Fire insurance can cover your house, apartment or business premises, any buildings and any other immovable property. This insurance covers the risks of lighting strike, explosion, storm, hail, etc.
  • Insurance of tourist apartments
An insurance policy for tourist apartments covers both the apartments and the guests in them. If necessary, you can arrange supplemental insurance.

Have your vehicle insured

Drivers, obtain any of the following policies for your wheels at a post office:
  • Auto liability insurance
An auto liability insurance policy protects you against financial liability for pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses caused to third parties by means of your motor vehicle. The insurance premium is payable in installments.
  • CASCO insurance
A CASCO insurance policy will cover the cost of having your vehicle repaired even if you are the one who is responsible for the accident. You can arrange full CASCO (all risks covered), MINI CASCO (covers all uncontrollable risks, for example theft, hail, storm, fire…), FLEXI CASCO (you can choose one particular risk or several risk classes) or PART CASCO (only specific risks are covered. The insurance premium is payable in installments.