How long is the customs procedure and can it be accelerated?
The duration of the customs procedure depends on the Customs Administration and the Croatian Post, as a customs representative, cannot influence the procedure. As the recipient of an item, you can submit a request for an expedited submission of items to a customs inspection in accordance with the price list of services in international traffic, which is available on the Croatian Post website.

What is the representation fee for the drawing up of customs declarations?
The representation fee for the drawing up of customs declarations depends on the value of the item:
  • for items valued at up to 150 EUR received without an IOSS number (H7 declaration) – 2,46 EUR (HRK 18,53)
  • for items valued between 150 EUR and 1,000 EUR (H6 declaration) – 4,91 EUR (HRK 36,99)
  • for items valued at more than 1,000 EUR (H1 declaration) – fees according to the Price list of forwarding services, submission of the item to customs inspection (price depends on the weight: 4,98 € / 37,52 HRK; 6,64 € / 50,03 HRK; 8,30 € / 62,54 HRK), the fee for delivery of the customs office request for proof and storage charge.

Why is VAT charged if an item from a third country is sent by a natural person to a natural person?
In the case where the value of the item is higher than 45 euros, VAT is charged when a natural person sends an item to a natural person, as well as a representation fee for the drawing up of customs declarations.

Why am I charged for VAT and customs duty for items arriving from the EU countries?
If an item containing goods arrives from an EU member state, and the goods originate from third countries and the VAT or VAT plus customs duty were not charged upon their entry into any EU country, at the time of delivery the recipient will be charged for public dues (VAT or VAT plus customs duty) depending on the value of the goods.

I was charged VAT for an item from a third country, even though I had already paid VAT to an e-shop while shopping. What should I do?
If you have been unjustifiably charged VAT for an item arriving from a third country, you can file a complaint and request a refund of the public contribution/representation fees charged during the preparation of customs declarations. You can submit your complaint and request at any post office, send it by post or via the web form Remember to submit the following documents:

a) receipt (copy) of your Internet order
b) confirmation of payment via Internet banking etc.
c) IOSS number (if present)
d) copy of a receipt given to you by Croatian Post during the delivery of the item.
A complaint cannot be accepted without full and complete documentation. Customer service will respond to you within 15 days from the day of the complaint receipt.

On what basis are VAT or VAT and customs duties charged for third-country items?
Public contributions (VAT or VAT and customs duties) are determined and charged on the basis of the item content value and the postal charge price, i.e. on the basis of all costs incurred until the moment the item enters the European Union, and are stated in the CN 23/CN 22 customs declaration.

Can VAT be paid on the retailer's website during the process of online shopping?
Certain online retailers registered in the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) system offer the option of paying VAT during the ordering process. In that case, the amount of VAT is included in the final price, and the IOSS number (IMxxxxxxxxx) will be indicated on the customs declaration of the item or on the receipt as a confirmation that the VAT has been calculated and paid in advance. For such items, the Croatian Post will not charge public contributions – VAT or its service when delivering an item.

If the IOSS number (IMxxxxxxxxx) is not specified on the customs declaration or receipt, i.e. the IOSS procedure has not been applied, the so-called VAT reporting and paying procedure is applied to the import of items. The cost of this is calculated by the Customs Administration. The Croatian Post will charge VAT for such items and the representation fees for the drawing up of customs declarations when delivering an item.

Websites show that the item has been in the country of destination for several days, but has not been delivered. What should I do?
If the item is in the country of destination and has not been delivered and its status has not changed for several days, the following can be done:
  • filing an official complaint at the post office, via the web form
  • instructing the recipient to contact the destination postal administration and arrange the delivery of the item.

Which services can I use to send my item abroad?
Information about sending items to other countries can be found in the International service guide.

Which service can be used to send items abroad the fastest?
The fastest international service is the express mail item (EMS item).