Items Containing Dangerous Goods

Items Containing Dangerous Goods

Check if the content you intend to post is prohibited to be carried as mail.


Prohibited contents in postal items

Pursuant to Article 34 of the Postal Services Act (Official Gazette144/12), it is prohibited to collect and carry postal items containing:

  • explosive and easily flammable objects or objects that may endanger other postal items, postal facilities, equipment or vehicles or human life and health;
  • objects prohibited to be carried under special regulations;
  • drugs, unless the sender and the addressee are authorized to market or use such drugs under special legislation;
  • live animals, unless otherwise defined by Universal Postal Union’s documents (exceptions may refer to: bees, fruit flies, leeches and silkworms).

It is completely prohibited to accept live animals for international postal air carriage, including the exceptions specified in point 4.
It is prohibited to send coins, banknotes, foreign currencies or registered securities of any kind, traveler checks, platinum, gold or silver, whether treated or untreated, precious stones, jewelry or any other precious items.
These prohibitions apply to both local and international postal operations.
HP Leaflet  - Air Carriage of Dangerous Goods (pdf) 

If you are not certain whether the content of your postal item is classified as dangerous, please call our Contact Center at 072 303 304 or send a query to

Air carriage of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are objects or substances that may cause a risk to health, safety, property or the environment and are included in the list of dangerous goods in the Technical Instructions for Safe Air Carriage or are classified in accordance with the Technical Instructions.
Each postal item containing dangerous and legally prohibited contents may cause an accident with major consequences for human lives, the environment and property.
Many objects used on a daily basis, such as aerosols (deodorant, hair spray, saving foam), nail polish remover, perfumes and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content exceeding 24 percent alcohol by volume, chemicals or electronic equipment are classified as dangerous and are subject to regulations concerning the air carriage of mail. In other words, it is forbidden to transport them by air as part of postal items.
Mail carried by air must not contain products without a valid declaration (homemade products such as ajvar, jam, honey, wine, olive oil or different substances of unknown composition). To be acceptable for air carriage, a product must bear a valid declaration and be factory-packaged. For example, wine or olive oil in an original closed bottle with a declaration may be accepted, but wine or olive oil without producer’s declaration is unacceptable. For substances of unknown composition, a safety datasheet must be presented for the product being sent.
Mail is carried by aircraft to all international destinations, save for:

  • Slovenia – all types of mail; and
  • Germany – parcels.

Postal items destined for Slovenia and parcels destined for Germany are transported by land and are not subject to the restrictions applicable to the air carriage of dangerous goods. However, these postal items are not exempt from the prohibitions defined in the Postal Services Act and the Terms and Conditions of Accepting International Postal Items.
Postal items subject to customs inspections and foreign exchange controls (non-European Union Member States) must be submitted open so that the Croatian Post employee could view their content. The sender is responsible for the compliance of the content with the relevant regulations.
To avoid any undesirable consequences or inconvenience, please tell our employee exactly what your postal item contains when posting it.
HP Leaflet - Air Carriage of Dangerous Goods (pdf) 
List of Dangerous Goods
If you are not certain whether the content of your postal item is classified as dangerous, please call our Contact Center at 072 303 304 or send a query to
Note: Croatian Post performs its air mail operations internationally, so the regulations relevant to the air carriage of dangerous goods only apply to such international operations.  
Mail containing dangerous goods
Air carriage of dangerous goods
Lithium batteries
Consumer warnings

Lithium batteries

Due to growing safety concerns among airlines, the regulations applicable to the carriage of lithium batteries were made more stringent and airlines will need to implement them more rigorously. These stricter regulations have thus affected the posting and carriage of postal items containing lithium batteries.
Lithium batteries cannot be sent within postal items (letters, parcels and EMS), except under specific conditions.
The answers to FAQ concerning lithium batteries are available here.

Consumer warnings

Warning symbols for consumers
If you would like to send in your postal item a product bearing any of the symbols presented below, you should know that products bearing warning symbols may be dangerous for consumers and may not be carried by air.

Note: Products bearing only consumer notices of corrosion properties are not classified as dangerous goods in a postal item if they indicate “Danger – Causes Severe Eye Injuries”.