By investing in the development and expansion of its logistics capacities, Croatian Post has become one of the leading logistics companies in the country.

The advancement of logistics operations is an extremely important point of the Post2022 Development Strategy.

Following the latest developments in logistics, Croatian Post is constantly advancing its logistics processes with the aim of exploiting the potential of that segment. Connecting manufacturers and suppliers with end buyers, optimising inventories by forecasting demand and giving the option to choose between different delivery deadlines are only some of the services through which Croatian Post recognises the potential of this branch of business.
For the purpose of providing complete logistics services, in addition to a versatile vehicle fleet, the company has also introduced various innovative business solutions regarding delivery and storage services. Croatian Post built a New Sorting Centre in Velika Gorica, with the first phase of the construction being completed in 2019. The Centre includes a high-bay warehouse with a storage capacity of 3,200 tonnes. In January 2020, Croatian Post started the construction of a new logistics centre in Kukuljanovo near the town of Bakar.

  • New sorting centre
  • Croatian Post’s New Sorting Centre is the largest strategic and capital investment in the history of postal operations in Croatia.
  • Fleet
  • As one of the leading logistics companies in the country, Croatian Post owns a high-quality and versatile vehicle fleet.