This glossary of postal symbols gives a brief description and explanation of postal markings, labels and seals whish are found on letters, postal items and packages.

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MAXIMUM CARD (CM) - illustrated postal card the size of a postcard.

M SACK - in international traffic, the printed matter a sender ships in bulk to a single recipient’s address
may be put in one or more special bags called the M sacks.

MAIL ITEM - any addressed mail item in its final form , in which the postal services provider must deliver it.
Mail items are letters, registered mail, items with indicated value, cecogrammes, direct mail and printed matter.

MAIL ITEMS DELIVERED PERSONALLY TO THE RECIPIENT - must have a code written in clearly visible letters that says
‘A REMETTRE EN MAIN PROPRE/FOR DELIVERY TO THE ADDRESSEE IN PERSON’ , or ‘Delivered personally to the recipient’,
in domestic traffic.

MAIL ITEM WITH INDICATED VALUE (INSURED MAIL ITEM) - a mail item on which the sender has indicated the value.
The largest indicated value may not exceed HRK 200,000,00. The sender is obliged to declare the real value of the contents
on the mail item, of which he signs a declaration on the Acknowledgement of receipt of mail item.

MAIL ITEM WITH PAID REPLY (IBRS/ CCRI MAIL ITEM) - a mail item (letter and postcard) which the sender sends to the recipient
without paying postage costs.

MAIL ITEM WITH CONFIRMED DELIVERY - it can be any type of mail item for which the sender has requested the procedure
stipulated by the technical regulations for mail items with confirmed delivery.

MAIL ITEM WITH ADVICE ON DELIVERY - while submitting the mail item, the sender requests that the item be delivered to
the recipient with a light red form marked ‘Return of Receipt’.
A label or ‘AR’ mark is placed in the upper left part of the address side of the mail item with return receipt.