Mail Containing Prohibited Articles

Mail Containing Prohibited Articles

Certain articles may not be sent within postal items neither locally nor internationally.


Before sending international mail containing any goods, make sure you check that the content you intend to send is not prohibited in the destination country.

Prohibited articles in mail

Pursuant to Article 34 of the Postal Services Act (Official Gazette144/12), it is prohibited to collect and carry postal items containing:
  • explosive and easily flammable objects or objects that may endanger other postal items, postal facilities, equipment or vehicles or human life and health;
  • objects prohibited to be carried under special regulations;
  • drugs, unless the sender and the addressee are authorized to market or use such drugs under special legislation;
  • live animals, unless otherwise defined by Universal Postal Union’s documents (exceptions may refer to: bees, fruit flies, leeches and silkworms).
It is prohibited to accept live animals for international postal air carriage, including the exceptions specified above.
It is prohibited to send any of the following in priority registered mail:
  • coins, banknotes, foreign currencies or securities of any kind;
  • traveler checks;
  • platinum, gold or silver (whether treated or untreated); and
  • precious stones, jewelry or any other precious items.

These prohibitions apply to both local and international postal operations.
If you are not certain whether the content of your postal item is classified as dangerous, please call our Contact Center at 072 303 304 or send a query to