I buy products via the Internet and classified ads that I pay cash on delivery. Can I check the contents of the item as I am collecting it?
When you are collecting an item, you may open it in the presence of a Croatian Post employee and determine whether it contains the content you ordered. If you collect your item at the post office and you find that the contents are disputed, a post office employee will draw up an item irregularity report on the spot. The employee will then refund the cash you paid on delivery and the fee for paying that amount to you, and the item will be returned to the sender. If the item is being delivered to a certain address, the procedure is the same: the only exception is that the postman does not draw up an item irregularity report, but rather a disputed content item return report. One copy of the report will be given to you, and the other will be added to the item irregularity report, which will be filled in once it returns from delivery.

If you collected your item from the parcel locker and found that it did not contain the ordered content, you should submit a complaint to Customer Service by calling the following number: +385 72 303 304, or via an online form no later than one hour after the item was collected. Once the complaint is submitted, you should come to the post office with the item in question as soon as possible, and no later than the end of the first following business day, in order to fill out the item irregularity report. The item will then be returned to the sender. Report situations with disputed content to the police as fraud or attempted fraud.

I would like to send a regular parcel or a Paket24 parcel. Can I buy a suitable box at the post office?
You can buy various sizes of packaging boxes at the post office.

Is the postman obliged to deliver a registered item or a Paket24 item to any floor in an apartment house?
All items for which a receipt is issued are personally delivered by the postman to the recipient, regardless of the floor on which the recipient of the item lives. If the postman does not find anyone at the address at the time of the delivery attempt, they will leave the recipient an item arrival notification in the recipient's private mailbox.

What if I am not at home while the item is being delivered?
If you are not at home at the time of the attempted delivery of the item, the postman will leave an item arrival notification in your private mailbox or in a visible place, stating the deadline of the item collection and the place where you can collect the item. If you do not collect your item within five post office business days, it will be returned to the sender.
Regular and tracked items, as well as small packets which are not subject to customs inspection, are delivered directly into a private mailbox. If this is not possible, for example, due to the size of the package, the postman will leave you an item arrival notification. Such an item can be collected from a post office.

Can an item be delivered to another person in the household?
Postal items for which a receipt confirmation is issued are delivered personally to the recipient, legal representative or an authorized person. If such postal item cannot be delivered to the recipient, it shall be delivered to an adult member of the household, a person employed in the recipient's household or business premises, or an authorized person in the business premises of the legal or natural person employing the recipient.
Regular postal items can also be delivered to such persons. An adult member of the household is a spouse/partner, parent, and a child, brother and sister over 15 years of age, as well as any other relative over 15 years of age who lives in the same household as the recipient. An employed person is any person over 15 years of age permanently employed in the recipient’s household or the business premises.
The exception to this type of delivery are documents, where each procedure has its own rules, depending on the type of procedure, type of delivery and delivery attempt.

I often receive documents (registered items sent in special envelopes by courts, state bodies and legal entities with public authority). Why are they not always delivered to me in the same way?
On the address side, in addition to the recipient’s address, documents also have the title of special proceedings to which the document refers. When delivering a document, the procedure shall be in accordance with special laws governing the said proceedings.

I can see on the item tracking system that my item and return receipt have been delivered, but I still haven't received the return receipt. What should I do to get the return receipt?
In this case, file a complaint: no more than three months after the date of national item delivery, and no more than six months after the date of international item delivery. You can submit the completed return receipt form along with the receipt of the item:
Once the checking process is completed, if the receipt is determined to be lost, a copy of the postal document proving the delivery of the parcel will be sent to you with the letter. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can initiate a claim procedure.

I have received an item arrival notification, but I am out of town. How can I keep the item until my return?
You can ask for and fill out a request for the keeping of received items at the post office at the nearest post office. Items can be kept at the post office for up to 30 calendar days, and the submission of the request is charged in accordance with the price list. The request for item keeping cannot be submitted for judicial documents and documents from administrative and fiscal procedures.

I have received an SMS claiming my item would arrive today. When can I expect it on the delivery address?
 The item for which you received an SMS will be delivered to you during the day. The delivery time cannot be specified in more detail because it depends on the amount of items and the postman's movement around the district.

Can I request a re-delivery of an item for which an arrival notification has been left?
 You can request a re-delivery at a post office or by calling Customer Service at the following number: +385 72 303 304. Re-delivery service is charged in accordance with the price list, depending on the type of the item.