Organisational structure

To ensure operational efficiency and continuous development, several years ago Croatian Post created a new organisational structure dividing its business into divisions.

Croatian Post is the only state-owned company with an organisational structure different from how administrative divisions are organized.

Croatian Post has arranged its internal structure by focusing on particular products and services and at the same time integrated its operational segments in an incorporated single entity. In order to achieve that, the company divided its business into divisions in accordance with the latest global standards adopted by other postal operators across the globe. Croatian Post’s implementation of the divisional organisational structure was one of the biggest restructuring actions in the Republic of Croatia.  

The company is divided in four divisions:
  • Postal Service Division
  • Network Division
  • Express Services Division
  • Support Services Division.

Postal Service, Network and Express Services divisions are territorial subdivisions, while Support Services Division has been set up as the most cost-effective solution. In addition to divisions, Croatian Post has eleven Management Support offices. This type of organisational structure has improved company-wide communication and today it is customer-oriented with clearly defined powers and responsibilities
  • Management Board
  • In addition to the Supervisory Board and the General Shareholders Meeting, Croatian Post’s Management Board is one of the three governing bodies of HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d. established in the company’s Articles of Incorporation.
  • Supervisory Board
  • According to the Articles of Incorporation, HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d. has a two-tier board system and therefore a separate Supervisory Board.
  • Audit Committee
  • Croatian Post’s Audit Committee is responsible for auditing external reports, especially annual financial statements.
  • Statute
  • Statut je temeljni dokument Hrvatske pošte kojim su uređena pitanja koja se tiču ustroja tvrtke i odnosa u njoj.