Oryx Assistance

Oryx Assistance

In case of a sudden malfunction in your vehicle or home, ORYX Assistance and Croatian Post are there for you.


Let us worry about repairing malfunctions. Arrange ORYX Assistance – Roadside Assistance and Home Assistance at a post office.

Croatian Post and ORYX Assistance help you avoid the stress brought by sudden concerns. Drop by a post office and arrange an ORYX Assistance – Roadside Assistance and Home Assistance service. All ORYX Assistance members are provided with a number of benefits and discounts with ORYX’s contractual partners.

Roadside Assistance

The Basic and Classic packages cover the following events:
  • an accident that renders the vehicle incapable of being driven or safely operated
  • negligent operation of a vehicle that prevented the moving or safe driving of the vehicle;
  • technical defect on a vehicle that renders the vehicle incapable of being driven, or makes driving it unsafe or life threatening;
  • an external impact that rendered a vehicle incapable of moving or being safely driven.
The Basic package provides membership benefits within Croatia, whereas the Classic package covers both Croatia and Europe. All Roadside Assistance subscribers will also receive the Travel Angel service free of charge. This is a smartphone app which automatically displays the vehicle’s GPS position at ORYX’s Contact Center, as well as information relevant to the vehicle and the driver, and calls the relevant emergency services (roadside assistance, fire brigade, police or ambulance).

Home Assistance

The Home Assistance package covers the costs of technicians arriving at the scene in case an urgent intervention is the only solution. The membership benefits apply within Croatia.
General Terms and Conditions of Membership and Membership Benefits (pdf)
 General Terms and Conditions - Basic (pdf)
 General Terms and Conditions - Classic (pdf)
 General Terms and Conditions for Home Assistance (pdf)
Pre-Agreement Notice (pdf)