Other optional Paket24 services and information

Other optional Paket24 services and information



In addition to the basic Paket24 service, you can choose one or several optional services, irrespective of whether you are the sender or recipient of a postal item.

Cash on delivery

Would you like to make sure you receive cash against your sent item? Send it by using our “COD” service and our delivery person will soon arrive at your address with the indicated amount.
Price: HRK 7.50
In addition to the indicated amount of cash, the addressee also pays a payment service fee according to the applicable pricelist of our other services.

Return receipt

Would you like to have a written record of delivery? Ask for our “Return Receipt” optional service and the addressee will confirm his/her receipt of the postal item by signing at delivery.
Price: HRK 3.87

Special insurance

Would you like to obtain insurance coverage for your postal item in excess of HRK 3,000? For a particularly valuable item (up to HRK 100,000), please ask for our “Special Insurance” service.
Price: 0,31% of the declared value of your postal item

Service payable by the addressee

If you choose this service, all you need to do is call us and prepare your item. The addressee will be responsible for all other costs.

Collecting and delivering on Saturdays

We deliver mail across the Republic of Croatia on Saturdays.
Price: + 50% of the total price



Instructions for proper packing of parcels

Download the Parcel Packing Instructions in pdf format (pdf)