This glossary of postal symbols gives a brief description and explanation of postal markings, labels and seals whish are found on letters, postal items and packages.

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POSTAGE STAMPS WITH AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE - these stamps are not released by Croatian Post,
but rather governmental and non-governmental organizations.

POSTAGE STAMPS CATALOGUE - a comprehensive overview of previously released postage
stamps in an area or country.

PACKAGE - a mail item which can be used to send various goods and objects; however, it is forbidden
to send written statements in a package.

PORTO POSTAGE - the ‘Porto postage _____kn’ mark with space for the entering the cost is made on the back
of the mail item for which no postage has been paid, and is certified with stamp and signature.

POSTE RESTANTE - any mail item (other than urgent mail) for which the sender requests that it be delivered
to the recipient in the destination post office when submitting the mail item.

POSTAL AND TELEGRAM MONEY ORDER-a ma-il item by which the sender transfers an amount of money
to the recipient via mail.

POST-OFFICE BOX - a small lockable box located on the premises of a post office, which can be rented based
on a contract between the client and Post.

POST CENTRE - an element of the postal network in which mail items are directed and transferred.

POSTAGE - amount of money the client pays to use postal services.

POSTAGE PAID - a designation used to indicate postage on mail items of client who sends more than one items.

PRIORITY MAIL - a mail item of the fastest category; this designation indicated mail items for which additional services

PENDANT OR VIGNETTE - a piece of paper attached to the postage stamp; its motif completes the meaning
of the postage stamp.