How can I send a cash-on-delivery Paket24 item without paying anything?
 If you want the recipient of your mail to bear all costs (mail transfer postage, cash and postage payable on cash), you can send your mail as an Paket24 item with the “payable by the addressee“ option.
Which channels are used to deliver Paket24 items and can an ordinary postman deliver Paket24 item?
Croatian Post is required to deliver each Paket24 item, business parcel or e-parcel by using the option selected by the sender. If the weight and size of the postal item is suitable for ordinary delivery (weight up to 2 kg and size of an ordinary postal item) and such ordinary delivery will be made within the time defined by the sender, they may be delivered using such ordinary channels. All other Paket24 items, business parcels and e-parcels are delivered through a dedicated Pket24 delivery service.
Why doesn’t the postman try to deliver Paket24 item or an ordinary parcel, but only leaves a mail arrival notice?
In case of Paket24 item, the postman must try to deliver the item at the addressee’s address. However, if he does not find the addressee or a person authorized to collect his mail (formally empowered person, legal representative or an adult household member – a person above the age of 15), a mail arrival notice must be left for the addressee. The addressee may use this notice to collect his mail at the delivering post office within the next five business day, exclusive of the day the item was attempted to be delivered, unless otherwise defined by the applicable contract. If the addressee is in a locality where no delivery service is organized, only a mail arrival notice will be left for him, without attempting delivery at his address.
In which time after receiving Paket24 item arrival notice may I collect the item at a post office?
Unless otherwise defined by the applicable contract, you have five business days following the mail arrival notice date to collect your Paket24 item. This time limit begins to run as of the business day immediately following the mail arrival notice date. The time limits are inclusive of all days when the post office is open for business.
Can an individual customer (a foreign national) post Paket24 item at a post office if the sender’s address is a post office?
Only customers under contract (foreign nationals) are allowed to post Paket24 items at a post office in case the sender’s address is the post office address, provided that they have a post office box open to which mail will be returned in case of failure to deliver. A foreign national without a contract in place with Croatian Post cannot post Paket24 item this way. As an exception in case the sender is passing through or visiting Croatia, mail may be accepted even if the sender’s address is not within the Republic of Croatia.