Želite poslati paket, ali nemate prikladnu kutiju?

Want to send a parcel and you have no box to use?
Croatian Post will solve this problem too! You can buy an appropriate packing box made of high-quality cardboard at any post office.
These boxes are available in several shapes and sizes:
  • standard boxes – 1.4 L to 28.8 L
  • trapezoid boxes – for thin and long objects (drawings, posters, etc.)
  • envelope box and book box – for sensitive important documents and written materials to be handled with care. 

Visit a post office and select appropriate packaging for your parcel!

Packaging Sizes and Prices
Box Size Price
Parcel XXL 480x300x200 mm 13,90 kn
Parcel XL 300x240x230 mm 10,90 kn
Parcel L 300x230x140 mm 8,90 kn
Parcel M 400x130x130 mm 6,90 kn
Parcel S 230x150x90 mm 5,90 kn
Mini parcel XL 300x200x100 mm 7,90 kn
Mini parcel M 200x140x50 mm 4,90 kn
Trapeze parcel  M 90x50x70x740 mm 6,90 kn
Trapeze parcel S 90x50x70x350 mm 5,90 kn
Book parcel L 310x220x90 mm 7,90 kn
Book parcel M 250x185x80 mm 5,90 kn
Envelope parcel L 315x230 mm 4,90 kn
Envelope parcel M 285x200 mm 4,90 kn
Envelope parcel S 175x150 mm 3,90 kn