Want to send a parcel and you have no box to use?

Croatian Post will solve this problem too! You can also get standardized boxes for the universal package at the post offices of the Croatian Post.


Standardized boxes for universal package Dimensions Price (VAT included)
(S2) 320x70x230 mm 10,00 kn
(M2) 320x150x250 mm 10,00 kn
(L3) 320x200x300 mm 10,00 kn

Free Paket24 boxes Dimensions
ELB PAK L1 350x320x550 mm
ELB PAK L2 320x210x480 mm
ELB PAK L3 320x200x300 mm
ELB PAK M1 150x320x550 mm
ELB PAK M2 320x150x250 mm
ELB PAK S1 70x320x400 mm
ELB PAK S2 320x70x230 mm
ELB PAK XS1 50x130x400 mm
ELB PAK XS2 130x50x200 mm