Paying bills in Croatian Post

Paying bills in Croatian Post

Tradition, reliability, simplicity – when you need to pay your bills, drop by Croatian Post.


Post offices have been a place where customers have preferred to pay their utility and other bills for decades now.

Thanks to covering the entire territory of Croatia by a network of post offices, Croatian Post is the largest and most accessible provider of payment services in the whole country. Our experienced and well trained tellers will perform your payment transactions quickly and securely. When you need to pay your bills, a visit to one of over 1000 post offices is the right choice. You can pay bills from numerous utilities free of commission at our post offices.
At post offices counters you can pay different:

  • fees;
  • charges; and
  • subscriptions.

Pay your utility bills at Croatian Post, for example your:

  • heating bills;
  • gas bills;
  • water bills;
  • electricity bills, etc.

Come to Croatian Post and easily and quickly pay all your bills at any post office!