9th Guard Brigade “the Wolves”
  • Date of issue:
  • 11.03.2020.
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5th Guard Brigade “the Falcons”
  • 5th Guard Brigade “the Falcons”
  • The 5th Guard Brigade of Croatian Army was established pursuant to the order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Croatia on 5 October 1992. Nevertheless, its wartime history goes back even further, as it was composed of volunteers and experienced soldiers and veterans who stood out in the defence of the eastern part of Croatia during 1991 and 1992.
  • Date of issue: 11.03.2020.
9th Guard Brigade “the Wolves”
  • 9th Guard Brigade “the Wolves”
  • The renowned 9th Motorised Guard Brigade “the Wolves” was founded on 1 November 1992. Lieutenant Colonel Mirko Norac was put in charge of the formation of the new unit named the 6th Motorised Guard Brigade. The brigade had that name until June 1993, when it was changed to 9th Motorised Guard Brigade “the Wolves”.
  • Date of issue: 11.03.2020.
81st Guard Battalion “the Godfathers”
  • 81st Guard Battalion “the Godfathers”
  • The 81st Guard Battalion “the Godfathers” from Virovitica was the youngest professional unit and a part of the elite group of Croatian Army guard formations during the Croatian War of Independence. It was established pursuant to the order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Croatia on 15 February 1994. After one year of intense training and equipping, the Battalion got the status of a sub-HQ unit in March 1995, joining the circle of Croatian Army elite units intended to perform the most complex missions.
  • Date of issue: 11.03.2020.
84th Guard Battalion “the Termites”
  • 84th Guard Battalion “the Termites”
  • The Croatian Army’s 84th Guard Battalion “the Termites” was a mountain assault guard unit from Zadar with a number of significant achievements over the course of the Croatian War of Independence, especially in operations Summer ‘95 and Storm, together with the actions that preceded the two.
  • Date of issue: 11.03.2020.