Postal Order

Postal Order

To send your money in the standard manner, we offer our traditional postal service – the postal order.


Using a postal order, you can easily send money within Croatia. Just complete the form and give the money to the teller.

Money sent using a postal order will be transferred to the payee in no more than four business days following the payment date. If you would like your money to be transferred earlier, request our “next business day withdrawal” optional service and the payee will receive their money on the next business day. If the postman does not find the payee at their address, he will leave a notice indicating the post office where the payee can collect their money and the time limit.
The maximum amount to be wired using a postal order is 3.318,07 €.

When placing a postal order, you can request optional services:

  • personal payment to the payee – the money can only be paid to the payee named on the postal order;
  • payment with a return receipt – the payer receives a return receipt as confirmation of delivering the order;
  • next business day withdrawal  - the money will be paid to the payee on the business day immediately following the date the order was placed (Saturdays are not considered business days).


  • till 47,50 € compesation is 1,90 € + VAT
  • from 47,51 € till 3.318,07 € compesation is 3,20% (+VAT).