Sending EMS hpekspres Items Abroad

Sending EMS hpekspres Items Abroad

Your postal item will reach any corner of the world in no time.


You can order an international express service directly via the Contact Center, send your item from your nearest post office, or hpekspres employees will collect the item at your address.

Key benefits of the EMS hpekspres service:

  • Each item will be delivered to any European country approximetely within five business days
  • The average delivery time in Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Switzerland is 48 hours.
  • The average delivery time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia is 72 hours.
  • Our Track & Trace system allows us to track your item from collection to delivery.
  • Corporate customers may arrange these services through our sales staff (link to teams) or on hpekspres’s website at
Note: The delivery days are exclusive of nonworking days and days needed to conduct the customs procedure at the destination customs office.
The deadlines for international traffic are informative.