Sending EMS items abroad

Sending EMS items abroad

EMS allows you to send mail across the world at prices up to 50% lower than those offered by our rivals


The international EMS service allows you to easily send your mail to over 100 countries in Europe and across the world at reasonable prices.

If you want to urgently send an international postal item, you can order our service directly through the Contact Center and send your item from the nearest post office or our employees will collect the item at your address.

Benefits of the EMS  service

  • Each item will be delivered to any European country approximetely within five business days
  • The average delivery time in Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Switzerland is 48 hours
  • The average delivery time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia is 72 hours
  • Our Track & Trace system allows us to track your item from collection to delivery
  • Corporate customers may arrange these services through our sales staff
Note: The delivery days are exclusive of nonworking days and days needed to conduct the customs procedure at the destination customs office.
The deadlines for international traffic are informative.

What does international EMS delivery include?

  • Express delivery to over 100 countries across the world
  • Online cost calculation and parcel tracking
  • Cash on delivery

How is international EMS used?

  • Customers can order this service directly through the Call Center or at a post office
  • You can also arrange international Paket24 through our sales staff who will tell you all about the service and how it is used, which will allow you to obtain discount and credit options
  • The benefits of this type of contract include monthly billing and payment

Export services and export forms

  • A CN 22 customs declaration form needs to be completed for items subject to customs inspection (documents)
  • For noncommercial (not for business purposes) items such as gifts, samples or defective components, a pro forma or gratis invoice is required, as well as a declaration of export against no payment. You can download this form below
  • An invoice must at all times accompany a postal item subject to customs – in case of a commercial item with a commercial value, a commercial invoice is required. In that case, an export specification form must be completed, which you can download below
  • It is forbidden to send cash, bearer securities, precious metals, gems and similar items as part of mail. An item may not be posted if its value is not declared
  • Postal items subject to customs inspection and foreign exchange control must be provided open
  • The dimensions and weights of postal items are defined for each country in the Terms and Conditions of Accepting International EMS Items

Important documents

  • International EMS pricelist
  • Average time of delivering EMS  items
  • Export Specification [255 KB]
  • Import Specification [103 KB]
  • Notes and Restriction (pdf)