I have received a mail arrival notice and I am out of town. How can I have my mail held until my return?
 You can ask for and complete a request for your mail to be held at the nearest post office. If an item is to be delivered in connection with a particular time limit (administrative and legal proceedings, court summons, etc.), it cannot be held at a post office. A postal item may be held at a post office for up to 30 calendar days and the cost of your request is defined in the relevant pricelist. The price of submitting a request is HRK 15 and a mail holding request cannot be submitted for formal documents and items being part of an administrative proceeding. HRK 1.60 is payable for each item held (per unit) and a storage charge of HRK 1.10 per day accrues as of the third day following the mail arrival notice date.
Where is my mail? I sent it 7 days ago and it has not been delivered yet.
 As a universal postal service provider, Croatian Post must ensure that 85% of its mail in the fastest category is delivered within one business day (D+1), that 95% of such mail is delivered within two business days, and that all other mail is delivered within three business days. The law defines the times not included in the delivery times:
  • mail receipt date;
  • time of delay as a result of incorrect or incomplete address of the addressee;
  • time of delay due to force majeure or traffic congestion for which Croatian Post is not responsible; and
  • nonbusiness days and days when mail is not delivered.
This may be illustrated through specific examples. Example 1:
A priority letter as a fastest category item or an item with the PLUS optional service was received on 10 March and delivered on 17 March within D+1. This is so because 10 March (mail receipt date) does not count and neither do the days when mail is not delivered, i.e. from 11 March to 17 March in an area not subject to the five-day delivery requirement where mail is, for example, delivered on Tuesdays. Accordingly, the mail received was delivered according to the above provisions (deliveries are made once a week – on Tuesday).
Example 2:
A registered mail item received on 2 October and addressed to an addressee in an area not subject to the five-day delivery requirement where deliveries are made on Tuesdays was delivered on 13 October, i.e. within D+2. As the receipt date, 2 October does not count toward the delivery times and neither do the nonbusiness days: 3 October, 4 October, 10 October and 11 October (Saturdays and Sundays), 8 October (national holiday) and days when mail is not delivered: 5 October, 7 October, 9 October and 12 October. The first day of the delivery time was 6 October, the second day was 13 October when the item was delivered, and the item would still be deemed delivered within the required D+3 time limit if it were delivered on 20 October.
What is the approximate time of transfer for international mail?
 Croatian Post does not guarantee transfer times for mail sent abroad. However, the approximate duration of transferring an international postal item from its receipt to its delivery in the destination country is presented in the table below.
Priority items Other items
Europe: D+3, up to 5 days D+5, up to 7 days
World: D+5, up to 12 days D+15, up to 21 days
  • The mail transfer time is exclusive of the mail receipt date (D), nonbusiness days and the time of holding mail for customs purposes in the destination country.
  • Croatian Post does not guarantee international mail transfer times.
  • The average times are a result of international mail transfer quality surveys.
What if my international postal item is not delivered or is damaged?
 A complaint concerning international postal services for loss of or damage to a postal item for which a receipt note is issued (international hpekspres items, registered mail items and valuable items, parcels) may be submitted subject to presentation of the receipt note and a claim procedure may then be initiated.
A claim procedure may be initiated at any post office free of charge within six months of the day immediately following the mail receipt date.
An international claim will be handled as soon as possible. The procedure must be completed within no more than 60 days of the procedure initiation date.
Pursuant to the relevant documents of the Universal Postal Union, a claim procedure may not be initiated for items received without a receipt number (so-called ordinary mail) as these items are not registered in the system, are delivered to the addressee without a signature, and cannot be individually tracked from a post office.
Can I insure an international postal item?
 An international postal item may be insured by using our valuable item or valuable parcel service (provided that such service is accepted by the destination postal administration). The maximum amounts up to which a postal item may be insured depend on the regulations applicable in the destination country. They cannot exceed 4000 DTS (HRK 35.567,60). The maximum amounts up to which a postal item may be insured in a particular country are provided in the International Service Guide.
To which countries may I send a cash-on-delivery item (the addressee pays for the products at delivery)?
 A natural person in the Republic of Croatia may send a natural person a cash-on-delivery (COD) item to the following countries:
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
The maximum value payable in case of cash-on-delivery is 1,500.00 DTS (HRK 13,337,85).
I have submitted an international claim for compensation, but I have not yet received it. When will my compensation be paid?
 Compensation for damaged international items is paid using one of the following two options:
  • within 30 days following the date of collecting an item returned for security or customs reasons (expedited procedure); or
  • the sender or any other authorized person may submit a claim for damages within 30 days of receiving their accepted complaint or Agency’s decision resolving the dispute in favor of the postal service user. The claim must be accompanied by a written response/decision of the competent authority. 
The authority responsible for users of international mail services is required to make its decision to pay compensation and refund the postage and pay damages to the claimant within 30 days of the claim submission date. The claimant must be provided with the decision as an official registered mail item. 
How to properly address a postal item?
The sender can also help ensure that his mail is delivered to the addressee in a timely and correct manner. This requires learning how to correctly address mail. The correct method of addressing mail is defined in Article 29 of the General Terms and Conditions of the Universal Service.
Presented below is an example of writing the address in case the addressee lives in a small locality:
Hrvoje Horvat
Horvatova 23A
View the current list of localities and their post offices and all examples of proper mail addressing 
As a natural person, can I open a post office box at a post office in Zagreb and how much do I have to pay for this service?
 A post office box may be opened by any natural or legal person and its use is free of charge. The recipient should submit a written request to open a post office box at the post office in which he wants to open a post office box (provided that post office boxes are available at such post office) and a copy of the registration certificate in case of a corporation (for legal persons). After receiving such request, the post office is required to allow the mail recipient to use the post office box. The mail recipient is required to regularly collect mail from his post office box.
The following post offices in the City of Zagreb have post offices boxes:
  • 10000 ZAGREB, Branimirova 4
  • 10010 ZAGREB – SLOBOŠTINA, V. Varićaka13
  • 10020 ZAGREB – NOVI ZAGREB, Siget 18C
  • 10040 ZAGREB – DUBRAVA, Dubrava 53
  • 10090 ZAGREB – SUSEDGRAD, Ilica 508.