Socially responsible business operation

Croatian Post’s role in the community is extremely important and our business operations are therefore socially responsible.

Croatian Post is aware of its part in society and it accepts this responsibility every day through a series of activities.

Corporate social responsibility is one of the central philosophies in the Post2022 Development Strategy and an integral part of Croatian Post’s business operations. The most notable example of our corporate social responsibility is the foundation “Vaša Pošta”.
Post offices and postman are present all over Croatia, which is why we attach great importance to community contribution. It goes without saying that the employees of Croatian Post are also an important part of the community.
Croatian Post is a company characterised by large logistics capacities and in that sense, it devotes special attention to environmental protection.

  • Community
  • We operate in all parts of Croatia - that is why we believe contributing to the community is of major importance.
  • Equality
  • Gender equality is a matter of the overall progress of society