Pošta2022 business development strategy

Pošta2022 Business Development Strategy is the basis of planned development for the entire Croatian Post in the five-year period from 2017 to 2022.

Croatian Post’s most valuable assets is its employees  

Croatian Post is a company with great potential. In its Pošta2022 Business Development Strategy adopted in 2017 Croatian Post proclaims its mission, vision and values and sets its operational plan. In short, it includes the following:
  • knowledge management by promoting corporate culture and continuous employee education
  • core business development with an accent on business process digitalisation
  • development i.e. opening of new market segments through logistics services development.

In the accomplishment of the third item, the completion of the project of the construction of a new Croatian Post’s sorting centre whose constructions started in the spring of 2017 plays an important role.

Hrvatska pošta - Post2022 Development Strateqy (pdf)