The modern telegram combines the benefits of digital technologies and the postal tradition.


Not even state-of-the-art telecommunication and postal services could make telegram as a traditional postal service slip into oblivion.

Take advantage of modern technologies and send your international telegram in a way you find to be the most convenient one. To make your message complete, select a theme for your telegram with a picture (LX-telegram).
Several options are available for sending your telegram:

  • online
  • by calling 1296;
  • by faxing it to 12976; and
  • personally at a post office.

What each telegram must include

  • The addressee’s address must be complete (addressee’s name and surname or organization name; street and building number; locality; postal code and destination post office).
  • The content of a telegram must be written in Latin script as an open record. A telegram cannot be sent if it has no content.
  • Croatian Post reserves the right to refuse to deliver a telegram if its content offends the dignity and honor of a person or public morality or if it compromises national security and defense or human lives.

Occasional telegram

You can send your telegram on an occasional form with (LX-telegram) or without a picture to the following countries:

Austria Finland Iceland Liechenstein
Norway  Deutchland Poland Slovenia
Sweden Switzerland    

Telegram delivery times

International telegrams are delivered in destination countries through regular postal delivery as arranged in each country.